Ausco Group are a rapidly growing developer who specialise in luxury apartments and townhomes. To better align with the superior quality of their developments and to connect directly with their desired market of potential buyers, Ausco partnered with Barking Bird to reposition their brand to a more luxe and sophisticated level. Beginning with the creation of their sleek new logo and design guidelines, Ausco overhauled their existing brand. These new brand elements were then rolled out across new brand assets including a new stationery suite and website. 

Barking Bird designed and built Ausco a custom website which features a user-friendly interface with simple sub-menus so that users can explore Ausco’s services and projects with ease. Barking Bird also worked alongside Ausco on the content for the new website – developing a language and tone of voice which helps prospective owners understand the premium quality of Ausco’s developments and informs them about Ausco’s values and their passion for what they do. The customised Content Management System Barking Bird built for Ausco is an extremely practical feature which enables easy updates to content and imagery at Ausco’s convenience. 

In addition, Barking Bird also designed Ausco’s new brochure and designed and programmed a customised eDM template. In conjunction with their content strategy, Barking Bird optimised Ausco’s existing social media profiles and created new ones where they did not previously have a presence.  

Ausco’s new brand now reflects their passion for enduring design and quality craftsmanship, bringing a fresh approach to their marketing and helping prospective owners better connect with the brand.