The Project

Lotus Caravans continually redefines off-road caravanning – elevating mobile accommodation to new levels of reliability, comfort and style. 

Barking Bird overhauled the brand so that it would match the outstanding products and service the iconic company is famous for.

Since Barking Bird developed a new suite of marketing tools for Lotus Caravans, including a website, brochures and a social media presence, the interest in Lotus Caravans has grown exponentially.  In particular, Barking Bird established an active community for Lotus Caravans in the social media space, also successfully launching and managing an online magazine, Makin’ Tracks.




Barking Bird resuscitated the Lotus Caravans brand with industry-envied, ground-breaking photography in all of its print and online campaigns – imagery which truly revolutionised the caravan retail industry. Each year we craft a suave 6-page brochure for each model, featuring state-of-the-art photography, specs and floor plans for the prospective buyer, alongside press ads for various 4x4 publications.


The Lotus Caravan website is responsive, sleek, packed with exceptional quality photography, and includes 3D capability, incorporating full Vimeo/Youtube integration, interactive caravan customisation, dealer-direct enquiry facilitation and built-in Google Map location finder. Since Barking Bird’s sophisticated revamp, the website’s daily visit average has raised by 154%!


Barking Bird manages all of the Lotus EDMs, highlighting upcoming trade shows and news, which consequently has increased Lotus Caravans’ marketing database from 759 to 122,220+. With the implementation of an engaging social media strategy, the company’s Facebook fan base skyrocketed from a few hundred to over 5,100 and growing.