How Briner’s content strategy is keeping them top of mind

There’s an old saying in marketing, ‘Content is King’, but what does that really mean for brands trying to market themselves today?

Leading signage producer, Briner, has used their content strategy to build engagement with customers and increase their visibility online by sharing news and case studies.

To support their content strategy, Barking Bird provides:

  • Content strategy development and implementation
  • Photography
  • Content creation
  • Content scheduling across multiple platforms

The more unique, useful and relevant content that Briner posts, the more that they become seen as an authority within the signage industry. When someone is in the market to purchase one of their products or services, Briner will be among the first brands that they seek out. This is because Briner has proven that they are a reputable knowledge source which provides useful and relevant information about signage industry products.

Even for those people who may be unfamiliar with Briner, their content cuts down the amount of research they may have to perform when looking for signage options because it’s all right there for them.

This content strategy, combined with the new website we built for Briner 11 months ago, has made a significant impact on their web traffic. Briner now has more engaged visitors to the website who can explore additional content on an easy-to-use interface. The Analytics numbers show a healthy bounce rate and increased page views, as well as prolonged time spent on the website compared to the same period a year earlier. 

So, for Briner, content is indeed king when it comes to potential online enquiries for their services. It could be for you too.

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