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The Hatching of a Brand with Barking Bird

Everything we experience in life is completely subjective to each individual. We interpret things according to previous life experience, our interests, how emotionally moved we are, our ambitions, and our personal wants and needs.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that it’s a piece of cake to create your own brand presence. Surprisingly, there is an enormous range of factors to consider when refining or building a brand. 

Everybody’s personal tastes differ, so what you might think is a ground-breaking idea may not be appropriate or stand-out for somebody else. Of course, it’s about finding a middle ground that authentically represents your business and its personality, as well as engaging consumers and rattling the competition.

At Barking Bird, we create fully integrated marketing solutions to truly breathe life into your brand in order to achieve the best possible results for your business. From conceptualising and implementing names and logos, to creating digital and print marketing materials, to social media solutions, to exquisite photography and real estate floor plans, to engineering tailored content management systems (CMS) for your brand and designing state-of-the-art responsive websites which feature the latest in interactive augmented visual reality, there isn’t an incubated idea that we can’t nurture to life!


On The Same Page

Understanding your vision is the first crucial step to refining your brand. 

Our enthusiastic team will support you every step of the way in seeking to make sure we see things your way, as well as sharing our knowledge and experience to help your brand to reach its full potential.

Building and sustaining positive relationships with our clients is pinnacle in continuing to grow your brand. We actively maintain our strategic focus in helping you to reach your brand’s goals throughout the planning, design, development and implementation of our integrated marketing solution, which we customise exclusively for you.

Extensive market research will ensure that you have the know-how to craft a brand that is competitive and visible to potential consumers. 


  • Who are you? What is your brand’s personality?
  • What do you have to offer your customers? 
  • Know your customers – Who are they? What do they want and need?
  • Know your competitors – Who are they? Where are they present? What are their services? 
  • Speak to us about concerns – we’ll develop strategies that work for you


Bad Logos Are No-Gos – Representing Wisely

A logo is a visual depiction of your brand’s personality, and everything that it stands for. Getting the perfect logo for your brand is more important than many people think. 

Because the human brain processes images faster than it does words, crafting a relevant and interesting logo can truly make you stand out from your competitors, as well as win the hearts of consumers. Just think of the infamous McDonalds golden arches, or the Nike tick – many children and adults alike can identify these brand logos within milliseconds. Many brands have even used debatable subliminal messaging using brand logos, because they are easily perceived by the primary visual cortex in the brain and thus subconsciously processed amongst the advertised visual stimuli. 

But it’s not just about creating an engaging logo and then washing your hands of it. No matter how great your logo is, following it up with consistently superior service and results is what will drive your brand towards success. That’s why Barking Bird hatches a fully integrated marketing solution for our clients – because building a brand encompasses all the eggs in the carton, not just one or two.

Using carefully refined rationales and creative innovation, our team can construct logos and even brand names to suit your business’ personality, based on your brand values and vision. Alongside creation of logos, we can also implement fully comprehensive style guides and a vast repertoire of marketing materials featuring your brand new official logo!  Browse Our Work and discover some of our recent clients’ success stories.


Making People Remember

Your brand’s identity should be visible to everybody in your target market, including competitors. Comprising your logo, colour scheme, language, imagery and fonts, your physical presence through marketing materials is essential in getting your brand out there for all to see. Creating a style guide for both tone of voice and graphic design will ensure that you stay on-brand at all times, which will increase your professionalism and reinforce what your brand is all about. Every marketing item produced should reflect your brand values, services and personality, which is why getting it right is so crucial.

Countless businesses have approached us with the task of refining or building their brands, and Barking Bird have conceived and crafted a vast range of marketing materials for various clients, including: real estate billboards, comprehensive sales books complete with tabs, fold-outs and panoramas, stationery and business cards, booklets, brochures, press ads, sales boards, floor plans, photography, written content and copywriting, EDMs, social media strategy, blogs, full display suite fit-out, newsletters and magazines.

As a team, we always strive to go above and beyond, while maintaining honesty and integrity. Furthermore, communicating the heart and soul of a business is integral to us in our journey through building your brand. For example, as part of our genuinely holistic approach to brand marketing, we deployed our photographers to shoot lifestyle photography featuring residents at our client Napier Street Aged Care Services’ (NSACS) facility to capture touching authenticity of moments between people and of the residency itself. The result was moving, and truly personified the warm and compassionate energy of NSACS.

Your Digital Footprint

In a world that is ruled by technology, it’s unforgiveable to not have an online presence with a website and social media. Okay, we’ll forgive you – because after all, that’s where we come in! 

Information is being delivered to us at such a fast rate that sometimes it can be overwhelming to decide on which brand to choose when we’re shopping for toothpaste, bread, a house, or a boat! That’s why making an impact with your website and social media is such a valuable tool in standing out from all the other similar brands.

Back when the Internet was in its early stages, it was somewhat of a feat for a brand to have its own website. These days, there are endless websites with numerous sales offers, which is why implementing a knowledgeable team of professionals to create and manage your website is a must-have if you’re serious about increasing your online presence, and generating sales.

Our talented team of web designers and developers, renderers, graphic designers, digital strategists and content writers are dedicated to achieving the ultimate results for your brand through online marketing. Web services include (but are not limited to) creating customised content management systems across multiple brands, which produce fully responsive websites that work on all compatible devices, integrating shopping cart solutions, interactive maps and floor plans, 3D rendering, animated cinemagraphs and full graphic design, original photography and engaging written content, interactive augmented visual reality with hotspots, Google Places integration, supply chain compatibility and video integration.

Not sure which web design features are available or relevant to your brand? No problem! Our experienced web designers will take care of it for you, bringing a wealth of knowledge and skills to the table.

Creating brand identity is no simple task – it is multifaceted and requires a number of creative and strategic minds collaborating toward a shared goal: your brand. Luckily, it’s what we do at Barking Bird, and we have the know-how to transfer your ideas from your sketchbook to the world!