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Everybody Barks: April Fools Video Blog

It’s April Fools Day. That means that at Barking Bird, we’re having a bit of a laugh in our post today. From birds that bark, to barking cats, to barking people, and even a dog who doesn’t bark, we’re bringing some light-heartedness into your Friday.

The Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo is about as Australian as it gets, but did you know that this genius bird can imitate all kinds of things, including dogs? Who needs a watchdog when you have a cockie? Many types of cockatoos are clever mimickers, but let’s take a look at a couple of stand-outs…


Oh, they can dance, too (and can even say the word “dance” while they’re doing it!)


The African Grey Parrot is the ultimate imitation master, all the while looking ridiculously suave as it speaks K-9 language.

While we usually associate them with being territorial, aggressive birds, MAGPIES can actually be quite sweet! Apparently they also like their fair share of barking and yapping, too. Check it out HERE.

As it’s a true Barking Bird, we couldn’t publish this post without presenting you with the majestic grace of this feathered barker, the Barking Owl...

​Cats can be sneaky at the best of times, but what do you do if you have a barking cat? Creep up on it until it discovers you and quickly morphs its barking into miaowing, of course…

​Who could forget this loveable larrikin who reached viral fame on A Current Affair? Yes, it’s the infamous Barking Man. 

​Just as there are birds that bark, it seems that there are also dogs that DON’T. Imagine having a dog with volume control!

​So lots of things can bark, including people... but what if dogs could talk?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our April Fools Day video bonanza – and that every time you think of Barking Bird, you’ll smile!