Marketing Your Off-The-Plan Property Development With The Senses

Development & lifestyle concept hero image by our creative partners, Mazer.

Investors, off-the-plan developers and prospective first-home buyers may have very different outlooks when inspecting a property, but both have one thing in common: they are human.


Humans are powerless to the senses – sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Regardless of our profession or property expertise, each of us has our own life experiences, memories and associations with colours, patterns, language, textures and lifestyle. That’s why real estate marketing needn’t be dry and soulless – in fact, it should be full of soul and juicy language!

Brand identity and print collateral by Barking Bird, with photography from creative partners, Mazer.

Brand identity and print collateral by Barking Bird.


8 Degrees Of The Senses

At Barking Bird, we have extensive, vivid experience with brand identity for real estate developments across a wide scope of markets, clients and complexity. Made up of strategic creatives, our team implements effective marketing solutions that grab the attention and sales, thanks to strategic, sensory selling.

8 Degrees display suite fitout photography, by our creative partners, Mazer.

When creating the brand identity for residential apartment development 8 DegreesBarking Bird conceived, designed and implemented branding from logo, extensive marketing materials, comprehensive agent flipbook, full display suite fitout and lifestyle photography to capture the essence of 8 Degrees in every sensory form.

8 Degrees’ development concept imagery, by our creative partners, Mazer.

Fresh, vibrant and sophisticated, 8 Degrees evoked fond associations entwined with edgy, contemporary luxury. A burst of creativity went a long way for the project, with our extensive suite of marketing materials helping to sell the 50+ apartments, thanks to Barking Bird approaching 8 Degrees’ marketing solution from every angle.

Lifestyle photography by our creative partners, UA Creative.

So what’s the secret to sensory real estate marketing?  Without giving away our tricks (or our skilled staff assets), here are some tips based on our suite of experience…

1. Who’s Buying The Product & Which Senses Will You Target?

Knowing your target market goes without saying – it’s vital to every marketing strategy. Getting familiar with locality and demographic statistics, whether it’s investor, owner-occupier, first-home buyers, couples, students or families with children that you’re appealing to, it’s important to tailor your marketing language accordingly. Find out what your market is interested in lifestyle-wise, and run with that – is it proximity to public transport, schools, entertainment or nature?

Lifestyle concept photography by our creative partners, Mazer.


If it’s parks and exercise that is a selling point appropriate for your target market, then your lifestyle section of marketing materials might work fresh air and scents of earthiness, sunshine and lakeside ambience into your language and branding. By putting the buyer in the sensory space, their mind can subconsciously persuade them with positive associations and fond memories of nature experiences.

Lifestyle photography by our creative partners, UA Creative.

2. Forget Baby Naming Books – Get Creative With Your Project Name

One of the most exciting parts of marketing real estate developments is creating a name. Spend 2-3 solid hours researching and compiling potential names that are in line with the personality of the development or property and appealing to the target market, and your final development name will be meaningful and effective.
Consider what kind of emotions or imagery the names conjure. Write a rationale for each of your favourite name concepts, that includes a brief description about the substance of the name, its sensory associations and relevance to lifestyle benefits for buyers.
If your inspiration has dried up, research the local area, landmarks, types of trees in the street, local history, synonyms of words, play on words of the street name of suburb and so on. You might be surprised by the ideas that pop up as a result. 

If the development has already been named when it is presented to you, the client may have colours or imagery in mind already. In this case, it’s important to understand the client’s vision to ensure their needs are met, with inclusion of your strategic marketing knowledge and creativity to reach its full potential.

Lifestyle photography by our creative partners, UA Creative.

3. Branding That Buyers Want To Touch

Employing skilful designers who are perceptive to the brand vision is instrumental in creating effective branding that inspires. Working alongside content writers, designers’ creation of branding should be consistent with language employed in marketing materials, evoking textures that can almost be felt, imagery that instils positive associations, light-filled spaces that clients envisage themselves lounging in, as well as scents and cuisine that can almost be smelled or tasted. 

Mood boards are powerful tools that designers can present clients with, highlighting textures based on carpets, features or floorboards in a property, lifestyle concepts that evoke a certain feel for the brand, or even set the tone of the brand that stirs emotion and memory associations. Find out more about mood boards in our previous post, Mood Boards: More Than Just Cut & Paste.

Aerial imagery by our creative partners, Mazer.

4. Photography That Almost Breathes

A picture really can transcend a thousand words – but when you combine exquisite photography with first-class marketing and rich, evocative language, you can present clients and prospective buyers with a full package of sensory delights, that ultimately draws in sales. Lifestyle photography evokes scents, tastes, emotions and ambitions, which calls for photography professionals of the ultimate calibre.

Our collaboration with creative partners UA Creative  and Mazer ensures that the highest quality real estate photography perfectly captures the lifespaces of each property. From rendering, retouching and 3D visualisation, to inspiring lifestyle photography, majestic dusk photography, skilful interior and exterior shots, and even aerial photography, each development or property is presented with the utmost excellence. 

Never underestimate the power of the senses! Keeping sensory stimulation in mind at all times will ensure that you always strive to create a marketing solution that lives, breathes, and captivates buyers enough to purchase your product.

Lifestyle photography by our creative partners, UA Creative.