3D Virtual Reality: The new reality in product marketing

Images are key to engaging consumers when marketing a product, especially online. Visual story-telling can entice buyers to learn more about a product and even be the deciding factor when it comes to purchasing. In fact, MDG Advertising showed 67% of consumers think that the quality of a product’s image is very important in selecting and purchasing a product1.

Lotus Caravans have used Barking Bird’s Virtual Reality (VR) technology to give consumers a complete 360-degree tour of the inside of their vans so they can have a better idea of the layout and space inside. Not only does this create a better understanding of their own products but it also helps them stand apart from their competitors who are unable to provide the same level of insight.

As technology like VR goggles becomes more widely adopted, this ability to navigate will become increasingly valuable in the marketing and sales of products, especially as more VR goggles are being developed to suit individual companies.