Using branding to bring a luxury development to market

Luxury is a word that gets thrown around a lot but 102 Caulfield North’s eight exclusive apartments definitely fit that description. This off-the-plan development delivers the goods when it comes to lavish design and premium living, all it needed was Barking Bird’s Complete Property Marketing services to get it to market.


Barking Bird’s design team worked with project developer APD Projects and selling agent Gary Peer to develop a brand that was reflective of the property’s prestige and location. What we ended up with was the name 102 Caulfield North. This was an obvious nod to the project’s address but it’s also a clear statement about its identity – it’s great to have luxury but it’s even better when it’s in such a stellar location.  

The bronze and blue palette chosen for the brand also does a great job to capture the sophistication and timeless appeal of the apartments. 

Barking Bird worked in tandem with project architects Amnon Weber to use these newly created assets to design beautiful A3 floorplans which were used in the sales book and marketing collateral.


With the brand look and feel established, creation of the brochure was a matter of marrying it all together with superb photography from UA Creative and brilliant renders by Floodslicer. The copywriting throughout the brochure is minimal to place more emphasis on the visual elements, which tug at buyers' heart strings.

Website and Advertising collateral

Using Barking Bird’s web design services, a simple but elegant website was created for the project, borrowing the same visual and written components from the brochure and translating them to online. Barking Bird’s custom technology also allows leads to be captured and viewed within the CMS of this website in real time.

The brand assets Barking Bird created were also used to inspire the design of advertising on and Domain.

We are proud of the project that has now been taken to market and look forward to continuing to work with the APD Projects team in driving sales.

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