Capture and manage leads from this one easy-to-use tool

Capturing leads from multiple sources is a bit like being the lone fielder on a cricket pitch. You might catch a few, but when balls are flying all over the field you’re never going to catch all of them.

That’s why Barking Bird have created a unique backend lead capture tool.


Simplified lead capture 

Our backend lead capture tool pulls leads from multiple sources including:

  • Apartment Developments
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Website enquiries

These leads are then fed into the backend of your website where you can clearly see a list of their details including their source.

Agents can also export these leads and send them to the developer at any time.


Why it works

For most developers, leads from different sources can flood your inbox. They come in at different intervals and become scattered, making them difficult to find and time-consuming to manually enter into your database.

Barking Bird’s backend lead capture tool streamlines this process by feeding them directly into your CMS and making them immediately available for export.

When lead data is difficult to compile, it can also be hard to determine whether a campaign is achieving its targets.

Our lead capture tool lists the source of the leads and includes a search function so you can clearly see how many have come from which source. And whether you need to pull back or invest more into the campaign that supports them.


Lead management doesn’t need to be difficult

You don’t have to put up with copious amounts of emails potentially being lost in your inbox anymore. No more time wasted with gathering data and putting into a spreadsheet.

Use our lead capture tool and take the stress out of your lead management.

Contact Barking Bird today to learn more.