What do your floorplans say about your off-the-plan project?

Have you ever picked up a book just to look at the pictures?

You skim over the words. Yes, there’s some interesting information in there, but right now you’d rather just look at the pictures. They seem to tell you so much more.

Floorplans can have the exact same effect on your buyers. They are inherently visual beings – they are most drawn to, and most engaged with, what they can see.


Why Floorplans are important

Purchasing an off-the-plan property is such an intangible experience that buyers need reassurance every step of the way. They need to know where things are and how they fit, so they can get a sense of a room’s space, function and interaction with the rest of the property.

Accurate, detailed floorplans give buyers the confidence they need to make a purchase decision. Even more so than 3D renders.


How you can make your floorplans stand out

Legibility is extremely important for floorplans. Barking Bird uses A4 and A3 floorplans to make it easy for buyers to read.      

The way you present your floorplans is also an important point to consider.

For the Cascara Brighton project, we gifted visitors of the display suite stylised floorplans packaged in individually wrapped mailing tubes. This gave them a nice takeaway which they could study and use to make their purchase decision.


Complete the story behind your project

Your brochure, your sales suite, they all form part of a story around your project. The floorplans are the conclusion, so finish on a good note.

Make your floorplans legible, make them easy on the eyes and make your buyers take that final step towards purchase.