How technology helped Grace Tarneit’s customers visualise their new community

Do you consider yourself a visual person?

Of course, you do. Our brains are made for looking, it’s how we make sense of the world! The power of visualisation is evident in its ability to simplify complex ideas and enhance memorability, so why not take advantage of this?

When marketing a land estate, it’s important to give your customers the ability to visualise what they’re buying, and Barking Bird’s interactive masterplans are an excellent tool for achieving this.


How our interactive masterplans work

Barking Bird’s interactive masterplans help customers better understand what an estate will become once construction is complete. In a time where customers can easily navigate the globe using technology like Google Maps, the Barking Bird interactive masterplan can help customers perform a similar function before the construction of roads or infrastructure begins.

For customers of Grace Tarneit, the interactive masterplan used in the Land Sales and Information Office helped them envision the space and positioning of their lot. By having a bird’s-eye-view of the plan that they could interact with, customers could consider things like street access, privacy and proximity to nearby amenities, which aided their decision making. 


How our interactive masterplans are built

The Barking Bird interactive masterplan solution uses architectural design files, SVG image files and a whole load of math, among other things, to calculate the geo-coordinates of individual land releases and lots within the greater masterplan. Leveraging Barking Bird’s CMS in conjunction with the interactive masterplan means that updates to the status of releases and lots will be displayed on the website immediately.


Visualise your buyers’ experience

The intangibility of land estates is one of the biggest drawbacks for buyers. Put their minds at ease and feed their desire for visual stimulation with accurate representations of your estate.

Create an experience through imagery and interactive touch that stays with them and reinforces the benefits of your land estate.         

Get in touch with us to find out how our interactive masterplans can help your development succeed.