Why quality renders can be one of your best sales tools

First impressions count. It’s a cliché but true nonetheless. And it’s the first impression of your project or development that will inspire and entice a buyer to act.

Quality 3D renders are a great asset for your sales team, helping prospective buyers connect visually and emotionally with the project.


You get what you pay for

Cheap renders may save you money in the short term, but they may also leave you with little interest and little buy-in. It’s important that potential buyers feel connected to the space and more likely to see themselves living in the homes you are selling. And if it’s investors you’re targeting, you want them to see the investment potential.


What makes a Quality 3D render?

There are two aspects to a quality 3D render. They must be photorealistic and relevant to the market.



Your base level of quality needs to be photorealistic, if your renders look fake, you’re already limiting your attraction online and in print. This is your chance to make the best first impression - you want your project to be taken seriously, not overlooked.

Photo real is far more achievable nowadays and it’s worth the extra investment. It will give clarity to your architect’s vision and allow potential buyers to picture themselves in the property. 

Relevance to your Target Market

There is no question that photo real is great, but it must be relevant.

A quality 3D render is not just a pretty picture, it’s a clear and inspiring one. It should achieve your key marketing objectives and target those most likely to be in the market.

The images should look aspirational and local. The furniture and plant species must be recognisable to the country, city and suburb in which the project is located. Local market trends in furniture and styling are key.

Expand your sales toolkit

True quality is about the combination of the photorealistic execution and the relevant communication. Therefore, it should not only be considered as a necessary sales tool for high-end or luxury developments, it should be considered for all projects.

Need quality renders for your next project? We’d love to help.