Do you know your data? Quick tips to get you better acquainted with Google Analytics

Are your online marketing tactics really paying off?

If you’ve shied away from looking at your website’s data, the truth is, they might not be – at least not right now.  

That’s where Google Analytics comes in. If you really want to know whether your efforts are paying off, this is how you’re going to find out.    


Google Analytics goals

Google Analytics goals track specific user interactions on your site, which have value to you.

If you have created a new landing page with a contact form for your website, for example, and you want to track how many people submitted their details, you might want to use a destination goal. If, however, you want to track whether people performed an action on your page, such as watching a video, an event goal may be more suitable.

There are four different types of goals:

These will be extremely helpful in determining how successful your landing page has been. Click here to find out how to create goals in Google Analytics.


Mobile use

Your website or landing page should be optimised for mobile devices but it pays to check if it’s doing its job at converting.

To do this, login to Google Analytics and under the Audience section select Mobile. Expand it and select Overview.

If the mobile version of your website isn’t converting as well as its desktop counterpart, it may not be fully optimised. Or, if you check the conversions across mobile devices (under the Devices section), you may find that it’s a device and/or operating system issue.


Site speed

Did you know the ideal benchmark for page load speeds, regardless of industry, is three seconds?

Most webpages clock in at an average of nine seconds.

This has a proven impact on bounce rates. And, as of this month, page speed will become a factor in mobile search ranking on Google.

To see the speed at which your webpages are loading, login to Google Analytics and under Site Speed, select Speed Suggestions.

This will simultaneously show you the average load times of your webpages and offer suggestions on which ones need to be optimised.


Traffic sources

Google Analytics is not only a great tool for measuring your website’s performance but the performance of your other online activities, too.

If you’re running social media accounts or any kind of online advertising, you can see how much traffic they are sending to your website.

This will tell you if they could potentially warrant investment.  


High traffic, low conversion pages

So, you’ve got the traffic but what is it doing once it gets there?

Go to Behaviour, select Site Content and then Landing Pages from the dropdown.

If you have a Goal set up, choose the comparison feature and select your Goal from the dropdown. If you don’t have a Goal, choose the Bounce Rate instead.


This will give you an objective view of how well each page is converting.


Get to know your data

Don’t speculate as to whether your time and resources are being used efficiently. Do a little digging and you will find the objective truth.

You might find that your efforts have been well worth the investment, but if not it’s also an opportunity to improve. You just have to look.


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