Our branding and execution process Part I: Client engagement, research, workshopping and concept development

Welcome to part one in our three-part series about the Barking Bird branding and execution process. In each edition, we’ll take you through our own brand development process*, from discovery to brand asset rollout.    

In part one, we’re looking at the initial client meetings and concept development, which guide us in the creative execution.


The kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting is our opportunity to get to know the client better. This helps us in finding out who the people are behind the business, what their motivations are and what their influence is on the business.

From here, we can open the discussion a bit more and learn about the business itself, its relationship with its customers and its position within the market.

Questions we might ask include:

  • What’s the story behind your business?
  • Can you name a few brands that you admire? And why?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • Who are your direct competitors?



With this information in hand, we can begin a general competitor analysis to learn more about the market including the demographics. We will also research trends within the market to establish what expectations there might be - and to take some inspiration for ourselves.


Brand workshop

This is where we really begin to get down to the nitty gritty and find out what makes the business tick. Here, we ask the hard questions that really force the client to think about what the brand could be. Specifically, we look at the:

  • Why
  • What
  • How
  • SWOT
  • Core values
  • Brand personality
  • Tone & feel
  • Vision

These workshops can be real eye openers for some clients because it forces them to look at their business from a perspective that they may not have considered before.


Developing a brief

From these workshops, we can develop a coherent brief for our team of design experts. This brief is a detailed plan and outline of what the client expects and what we promise to deliver.

It sets out the scope of work to be completed and provides meaning and consistency throughout the concept development. Without a strong brief, the final concept could deviate from the original vision and fail to meet the objectives of the business.   


Concept design

This is the beginning of the creative process. Our designers will work from the brief to explore and develop initial brand concepts including naming, mood boards and colour options. The designers will workshop their ideas internally to determine what works and what doesn’t before sending them onto the client for review.  


Client review and refinement

Once refined internally, we will formally present the concepts to the client and go into detail about the rationales behind them. The client can then choose their preferred concept, and sometimes request edits.


Concept direction refinement

Based on the client’s feedback, we can make refinements to their chosen brand concept and work towards final sign-off of the identity including the brand mark, colours, font and imagery.


Brand style guide

Once the brand identity has been established, the designers will develop a style guide with specific rules surrounding its usage across all mediums. This is a live document as the print and digital assets are still being finalised by this point.

Stay tuned for Part II in our branding and execution process series – Creative Rollout.


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*Branding process may be modified according to client needs, goals and budget.