What is the best way to generate property marketing leads?

So, you’re ready to market your development?

You’ve got the land. You’ve got the brand. All that’s left is to capture those elusive sales leads. But what’s the best way to go about it?

Not to worry, these proven marketing tactics will help you generate the leads you seek.  



Advertising through real estate platforms like is straight-forward. If you have a developer subscription, a Project Profile will give you a tailored solution to connect with and convert buyers in your target market. These project profiles will appear in the search results of the suburb your project is located in. And will feature your project branding and imagery.

This is an excellent service that most developers will use because you can upload multiple listings at each stage of your development’s release. Buyers who are actively searching for homes in your project’s suburb can download your brochure and inspect the individual listings that peak their interest. 

You can also invest in display advertising to supplement your project profile. This will help you reach qualified buyers beyond the search results of your project’s location. It also gives you the ability to test different images and messaging.

Facebook and Google, while not delivering to an equally as engaged audience, offer the opportunity to maximise your reach and find an engaged audience.

The diversity of their advertising options allows you to be more specific with the outcome you want to achieve. For example, Facebook’s Messenger ads appear in a user’s inbox, providing the opportunity to make direct contact with them. Whereas Google’s search ads will target buyers who search for your chosen keywords and then send them to your project website.  

The real benefit of Facebook’s advertising comes from the, albeit controversial, detailed information they have on their users. This makes targeting your preferred audience easier and your ads become even more effective when you include remarketing to this audience.

Traditional forms of advertising such as press ads and billboards, although lacking objective results, should still have a place in your lead generation strategy. In particular, billboards and fence hoarding are good for promoting your sales office.


Web registrations

Your project website could make or break your lead generation campaign.

To ensure that your website does its job at capturing your leads, it needs to meet a few criteria including:

  • Responsive on all devices
  • Multiple, compelling, calls to action
  • Quick load speeds optimised by compressed scripts and images
  • HTTPS security to protect your leads’ personal data
  • Backup schedules to safeguard against server crashes
  • Integration with Google Analytics

These are non-negotiables that your website must have to keep buyers on your website. Whether your design and content does the job at convincing these buyers to register is another story. But simplicity is always best. 

If you match up your design and messaging with what your target audience expects, then you should be covered. If not, your analytics will likely tell you a great deal about what needs to change.


Capturing your leads

You may find it overwhelming to manage and compile multiple online leads into a single database. A backend lead capture tool, such as the one Barking Bird offers, makes the management of leads from different sources simple.

Barking Bird’s lead capture tool feeds all your online leads into your website’s CMS and makes them immediately available for export. Our lead capture tool also lists the source of the leads and includes a search function so you can view how well each source is performing.


What if you’re not reaching your targets?

If you find that you’re lead generation strategy is not as effective as you first anticipated, don’t sweat it. Play around with the messaging and imagery of your advertising and/or website to get an objective view of your project’s performance. And with time, you will find the method that works best for you. 


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