5 ways we create successful client relationships

Barking Bird’s account managers are the all-important mediators who bridge the gap between the client and the rest of the agency. Their role is critical not only to our success but the success of our clients. Where our creatives and developers are focussed on the task at hand, our account managers are managing the day-to-day while simultaneously looking to what’s next. Their knowledge and awareness of our clients’ industries makes them a valuable strategic partner for their businesses. And what’s good for our clients is good for us.

There are many ways that our account managers add value to our clients including:


Achieving client goals

This is the fundamental purpose of our account managers. They work extremely hard at this to ensure there is a mutually beneficial relationship. They study up on our clients’ business and goals and then work towards developing a shared plan to make sure they are achievable. And then review them periodically to adapt to our clients’ changing needs.          


Collaborating with other departments

The account manager is an information gatherer, rounding up and sharing everything the creative and developer teams need to create great work. They oversee the entire process, planning, working with the internal team and outside vendors to produce work that achieves what the client wants. And, if necessary, relaying any feedback from the client to the rest of the team.


Ensuring positive relationships

Account managers don’t just build the relationship between themselves and the client but the entire agency. It’s important that the account manager foster the client’s trust in the people who are producing their marketing assets. They will often facilitate communication between our clients and the rest of the team to do this. Equally important to building that trust is the honesty of their communication. Our account managers treat their clients’ brands as their own and will make it clear to them if they think something isn’t right, doesn’t fit within their brand or fails to add value.     


Client servicing

In competitive marketplaces, our account managers are acutely aware of industry shifts and business trends. They actively identify new areas of growth and encourage our clients to pursue those opportunities. Having this information and knowing how to use it effectively can put our clients at a big advantage. The insights they derive from this research could lead to a great creative idea or strategic campaign.   


Going the extra mile

Managing the day-to-day tasks is essential for our account managers but it is their willingness to go the extra mile for our clients that makes the difference. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, analytical and financially savvy, their ability to see the bigger picture and develop strategic initiatives is what cements their value for our clients.


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