Bold web design ideas to make you stand out from the crowd

Web design can be a bit out there sometimes.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it completely misses the mark. And other times what seemed like a good idea last year leaves you scratching your head the next.

These web design trends, however, look like they have real staying power.


Serif fonts

Your typography can say more about your business than the words they spell out. And in today’s web design, Serif fonts reign supreme. Forget the classic  

Times New Roman though, more adventurous serif fonts have arisen to add a decorative touch to web design and they look outstanding.  


Why it’s here to stay: Serif fonts took a back seat in the past due to mobile device resolutions. But with the advancement of devices, resolutions have improved and now serif fonts are back with a vengeance. 


Bold gradients

Move over single colours, two-tone colour gradients are here to stay. And they’re ready to leave you awestruck with their contrasting but harmonious blend.  


Why it’s here to stay: When used correctly, two-tone gradients add a feeling of vitality to your website. They’re not for everyone but if it’s on-brand it makes a huge difference. 


Drop shadows & depth

Shadows are nothing new to web design but the improvements in browsers have led to some exciting variations. Grids and parallax layouts (where the background moves slower than the rest of the page while scrolling) add more depth and emphasis.  


Why it’s here to stay: 2D objects can (excuse the pun) become a bit flat. On a website, the blandness of these shapes becomes even more apparent if your business is not very interesting. Adding depth and shadows just makes them pop.  



For a brand that is perceived as boring, custom illustrations can provide a great remedy. They add a level of dynamism that might otherwise be left wanting while remaining in-keeping with your brand. 


Why it’s here to stay: Who doesn’t love a good illustration? Enough said. 



Likewise, as browsers become more advanced, animations have become a great way to visually entice users to stay on your website. Either abstract or with the use of characters, small animations can be useful in leading and engaging visitors through their experience while scrolling through your site. 


Why it’s here to stay: They’re not just fun to look at, when executed well, animations can become a key function of your website and keep visitors on your site longer.  


How bold do you want to be?

These design trends are not for everyone but if you’re looking to add some dynamic design to your website, these ideas can provide some good inspiration.