Cocobēi – Two beans and a cup

Cocobēi is a café that strives to offer something more to its customers. From its trendy industrial setting in Docklands, they offer a fresh, simple and healthy menu to people who live or work in the area and those looking for a great coffee spot.

To get to this point, however, they needed Barking Bird’s expertise to build their brand.

The naming of Cocobēi  

The Cocobēi name was a collaborative effort between the owner and Barking Bird. It literally means coffee, coffee, cup (bēi is a direct translation from Chinese).

Using custom typography, we created a logo from the name.  For the secondary logo, we took inspiration from the owners’ Chinese culture, and the representation of their language through symbols, to develop iconography for the Cocobēi name, depicted by two beans and a cup.  

This graphic device gives the brand a dynamic element, which allows it to be expressed without using the name. This simple but clever design makes the brand playful, visually adaptable and, over time, instantly recognisable. 

The owners were thrilled with what we achieved with the brand and found its link to Chinese culture highly relatable. The potential applications of the brand’s iconography was also something that excited them – it is perfectly suited to various forms of branding, uniforms and stationery. And it showed them where they could take the brand in future.  

Brand development

With guidance from the architects, we used the colours of the café’s interiors to inform the colours of the brand and ensure harmony between the two.

With the final brand in place, we designed and built the Cocobēi website. Its simple and clean design is reflective of the brand and includes an integrated Instagram feed to show off all the café’s incredible menu items.

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