Signage and display suites: 5 simple steps to making a sale

Just as signage is more than a fancy poster, the sales suite is more than a gimmicky room. Both work together to provide very important information for buyers and guide them towards both getting their foot in the door of your sales office and finally making a purchase once they’re there.

Barking Bird’s approach to these assets has garnered our clients great results. Here are the ways in which we consider the importance of signage and display suites.


The objective of signage is always to inform. Providing directions, land lot sizes and packages and a website address where buyers can find out more information.

The positioning of this signage, if it’s close to the development, can also indirectly tell buyers how close the development is to amenities and give an idea of the surrounding neighbourhood.

Wayfinding signage is the final piece of the puzzle. It of course directs buyers towards your display suite and gives them one of their first impressions of the development. 

Display suites

The display suite is where the magic happens, it is the final frontier for buyers and your sales agent’s opportunity to make a sale. With this in mind, Barking Bird designs our clients’ display suites to have immediate impact from the moment the buyer walks in. It is a process that can be broken down into steps:


Step 1

A buyer may be welcomed by a personalised screen upon entering the display suite which immediately captures their attention with the intent of guiding them towards a specific path to take through the display suite. 

Step 2

Now is a great time to introduce the product and brand. If there is a 3D model of the development it allows the buyer to get a feel for the look, size and scale of the development, and renders allow them to get a visual of how the development would look, inside and out. 


Step 3

Introduce the buyer to the local area by showing a location map and lifestyle photography of all that is to offer in the local area. Buyers may also watch a vision video which depicts the lifestyle opportunities and provides more in-depth product information. 



Step 4

At this point the buyer may be introduced to fixtures, finishes so they can see and feel what is on offer.  It's also a great time to show the various floorplan options available. Technology can play an important role here and provide the buyer with an Interactive experience.  With help from the sales agent, the buyer can navigate through the different lots or apartments and other important information simply by touch. This is a perfect opportunity for the sales agent to step in and provide more information and guidance on how to use the Interactive Masterplan. 



Step 5

After the buyer has thoroughly explored all the information, the sales agent will take the buyer to a private area of the display suite to minimise distractions. If the buyer has children, they could be occupied by a play area next to this. This is the sales agent’s opportunity to get the buyer across the line and sign a contract. Regardless of whether the buyers signs the contract or not, the buyer journey will be recapped with images and messaging of the project and a video to reinforce the project vision.



Signage and display suites are among your project’s most important assets. With careful planning and a strategy, executed with precision, these can be become excellent marketing and sales tools.  

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