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3 Common Marketing Myths That Are A Figment Of Your Imagination

Like myths and urban legends, marketing can be a subjective, ever-changing process influenced by many factors. Today, let’s try to remedy three common marketing myths to help get your brands and projects off on the right foot.


Unfortunately for most businesses, simply telling people that your product is amazing and inserting some call to action slogans is no guarantee that consumers will flock to your brand – unless you’re Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka.

Imagine owning a massive chocolate factory, run by hardworking staff members, which is surrounded by a shroud of mystery (a clever curiosity-drawing strategy in itself). You control what goes in and out of your factory, and your product/service is providing tasty, quality chocolate enfolded within charmingly designed branding.

You want to get people to buy more products and visit your business, so you offer an incentive to buy—golden tickets—that serves as an elaborate call to action.


Of course, Wonka’s era is set in a time where technology doesn’t allow for extensive competitor research on the part of the consumers, nor the capabilities to market digitally. However, his target market is spot-on, because both adults and kids alike enjoy the chocolate, and both age groups end up undertaking the Chocolate Factory experience.
But you don’t have to have Wonka’s magical empire to attract people to buy. 
The point is, like Charlie Bucket, consumers buy your products and services for the experience – the experience of your brand community, the experience of enhancing their lives or fulfilling a need and the pleasantry of receiving exceptional customer service (which means consistency: refraining from dropping difficult customers down the ‘bad egg’ chute and inflating/dyeing them blue). 

So, even if you’re lucky enough to be a chocolatier, your product isn’t going to sell itself. The time, effort and investment you put into your marketing strategy—providing incentives for customers—will.

REALITY: Sure, CTAs help. But give targeted consumers the whole marketing package, as well as engaging them with positive customer experience, and they’ll come looking for their respective golden tickets.



In a world of get-rich-quick bloggers, keyboard warriors and ever-expanding platforms for self-promotion, unfortunately some businesses sacrifice writing integrity for either a cheaper option or placing little to no substance value on their written material.

Marketing materials that lack a touch of ‘magic’ for your target market don’t get noticed, or acted upon.

That’s why there are a number of notches on your content writer’s belt that you’re going to want to look for. 

After all:

A little magic can take you a long way. Roald Dahl


A writer who adheres to a brand’s tone of voice and message, engages and reaches out to audiences, as well as weaving CTAs, psychology hacks, originality, statistical and grammatical accuracy, SEO strategy and charm into your content is the one that you’re going to want to use to write your content. Why? Because if you’re willing to invest in your business, then sourcing an experienced, all-encompassing professional writer is a must if you want to best articulate your brand and its message to the world.

So how can you find a skilled writer to effectively sell for you?
Do your research. Read marketing agencies’ blogs to get a feel for the quality of the writing that the brand produces, and follow up by viewing their portfolio of work for clients. Is the content interesting and engaging? Are there obvious spelling or grammar mistakes? Is the tone consistent and relevant to the market? Does the content make you want to find out more?

REALITY: Writers craft your brand story. They help build the bridge between consumers and sales. They humanise your brand. They persuade. So, value your written content!



Much like naming a baby, creating a name for your brand or project can be a daunting but thrilling assignment. There’s all that brainstorming, sketching and research, considering word associations and thinking about how much or how little the name will cause your brand (or baby) to be celebrated (or ostracised), which can leave you feeling like you’ve played hours of non-stop Words With Friends.
Amsterdam—which has a reputation of being one of the most awesome places in the world, by the way—is a city overflowing with quirky, creative designers, writers, artists and developers, so naturally, creatively named agencies are rife. One of these is ‘Superhero Cheesecake’, which receives peckish customers every day craving cake – so much so that they put this sign in their window…

Image credit: Simon & His Camera on Flickr

Making your business stand out in this noisy world with an eccentric name can definitely put you on the map. As long as your name is consistent with your brand’s personality and tone of voice, it can help strengthen your dedicated social media and online presence by generating interest. Customer experience is ultimately what will drive your brand community, so maintaining strong consistency in your engagement with targeted consumers and the services you provide will be your golden ticket to catalyse your success. 

There’s nothing like crushing your euphoria of a name invention like finding out that the web domain name is already taken (or that a company in your industry has the same name!) So make sure you secure the web domain as soon as possible to avoid somebody else making it their territory first!

REALITY: It’s not the name that gets you sales. It’s what you do with it…


Despite Barking Bird’s eclectic name, we’re yet to greet any avid ornithologists on our doorstep wanting to meet our non-existent aviary of barking birds—however—we DO make great websites, create successful marketing material suites and build incredible brands. 

So why not call up ‘The Birds’ and find out more about the ultimate creative solution for your business? We promise that’s not a myth!