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The best way to market luxury real estate

What separates your luxury development from an ordinary one?


The quality of your project’s materials. Finishes. Design. The neighbourhood it occupies. These are the things that stand out to your buyers.

So, if that’s the case, your marketing ought to be of a high quality as well. The quality of your project must shine through at every opportunity.

Let’s have a look at the best ways to market your luxury property development.


Develop a luxury property brand

Your brand is the face of your project. It’s how buyers will perceive and recognise it. Like a person of status drives a fancy car, your brand is a signal to buyers that your development is one to aspire to.

A luxury property brand tends to use understated, simple designs. It adds a touch of elegance but allows the quality of the project to speak for itself. There should be no loud, ostentatious colours or fonts that cry for attention. Elegance is subtle not garish.

Your brand assets also need to continue your project’s theme of quality. The brochure’s purpose is to convince the buyer that your development is genuine in its promise. And its design shouldn’t give them any reason to question this. Buyers should treat your brochure like a book they can’t put down. Not a department store catalogue.

Even the paper it’s printed on should be a consideration. Papers and special finishes that fit with the brand’s identity, tone and feel. Paper that might enhance a specific feature mentioned in the brochure e.g. silk paper can simulate the feeling of marble.

One of the most important features of the brochures are your 3D renders. The more realistic these are, the more likely that buyers will see themselves living in the homes you are selling. This is reliant upon the relationship between you and your 3D render supplier. Colour palettes, composition and the project’s aim must form part of a cohesive visual brand.  

Generate leads

After you’ve established your brand, the next goal is to find your buyers.

The online reach of platforms like realestate.com.au and Facebook may be enough. If you can target your audience well. If not, there are many other platforms and tactics at your disposal.

Press ad inserts, Google display and old-fashioned billboards are also an option.

Many of your leads will come through your website. Like your brochure, your website needs to maintain your project’s image of quality. The design should be clean. Simple. Responsive. Unique. And include many calls to actions and opportunities to register their interest.

But the quality of your website isn’t limited to aesthetics. Your website must perform at a high level as well. There’s no use in having a nice-looking car if it breaks down every few kilometres. A quality website is one that has quick load speeds, which have been optimised by compressed scripts and image sizes.

A quality website is also secure – putting your buyers’ minds at ease about the collection of their data. It has a good backup schedule to safeguard against server crashes. And the analytics need to be collected to make educated decisions about performance improvement.

It is important to follow these leads up with regular communications. A strong e-mail campaign will keep your leads engaged and bring them closer to a sale.


Lead conversion   

The sales suite is your sales agent’s opportunity to convert your leads. It should support your agent’s sales pitch. Through renders, video presentations and more. The design and feel of the space should live up to the design of your project. It should use quality installations and furniture that a buyer might desire themselves.

Interactive masterplans are also a great tool for engaging buyers. These give them an overview of the project and individual floorplans.

The brochure becomes an even more valuable sales tool if your agent does not convert your lead right then and there. This is where investing into the quality of your brand assets becomes critical. These, among other things, could be a determining factor in a lead’s decision to buy later.


Quality in everything

A luxury property is only as good as the brand and marketing behind it.

If you don’t complement your development with a quality campaign, buyers will fail to appreciate its luxury.

Invest in attracting the type of buyers you want and they will find you.   


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