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5 reasons to include social media in your property marketing

Is social media necessary to sell my development?

The short answer is no. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. 

By not having a social media presence, you are closing off other opportunities that could help you sell. Opportunities to grow your development’s brand. Opportunities to grow the buzz around it. Opportunities to reach new audiences.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should consider including social media in your property marketing.


1. Keep buyers up-to-date

Ask anyone to buy something that hasn’t been built yet and you will run into some hesitation. Many people would love to own property but the fear of the unknown, and the cost associated with it, can hold them back. Buyers need more time to be convinced of your project’s features and benefits. They need more time to be convinced that other buyers are interested. This will make them feel more confident in their own decision to buy.

One of the best ways to keep buyers up-to-date with the latest sales and news about your development is through social media. Buyers want to know what’s happening but they don’t want to be constantly checking your website for updates. By following you on social media, they have an easy way to stay up-to-date through their usual browsing behaviour.


2. Distribute content

If you do want to keep your potential buyers informed, social media is a great method for distributing content. And for one good reason. It’s free.

Rather than leaving your content static on your website, distributing it through social media gives it another opportunity to reach your buyers. Add the fact that your audience can share this content, and its reach can multiply exponentially.   


3. Generate leads

These days, many people prefer electronic communication to phone calls. Particularly if they only have one or two burning questions about your development.

Facebook’s messenger app is popular for buyers who want to ask questions but don’t want a lengthy sales pitch. At the same time, this functionality allows you to respond to multiple queries at any time. The messenger bot can even respond to common questions for you.

Ultimately, this is another opportunity to follow up and convert these people into full-fledged leads.


4. Advertising

In the case of Facebook and Instagram, you must have a Facebook page to advertise on these platforms. And, all controversy aside, the personal data that Facebook has on its followers makes it an extremely effective tool to advertise with.

Its connection with Instagram and other networks presents an incredibly large potential audience, which you can target. Taking advantage of their retargeting options means that you can reach your audience with great efficiency, too.


5. It’s an effective alternative to real estate websites

The likes of realestate.com.au and Domain are flooded with developments vying for buyers’ attention. And while you should take advantage of these platforms, a social media presence adds just one more opportunity to get your project in front of buyers.

Unlike real estate platforms, your project can be easily shared within social media channels and gain momentum with other users. Other users who may not have been searching for your development in the first place.


Forget necessary, think complementary

Social media is by no means necessary to sell your development. But the potential benefits far outweigh any perceived costs.

If social media can play a key role in your sales strategy, use it to its full advantage and the sales will follow.


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