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Getting quality 3D renders doesn’t have to be painful

Getting the 3D renders you need for your marketing material can be a difficult task. Between the unknowns and technicalities, it’s easy for your vision to be lost. From our many years of experience, we have seen that if the details aren’t interpreted correctly by your 3D render company, your ‘simple’ render job can go awry quickly! So how can you avoid the pitfalls?


Establish a strong foundation

If you want renders that make your potential buyers stop and pay attention, the key is to ensure the foundations of the project are solid. Every development is unique in its own way, your 3D render company should gather all the details to ensure they know your target market inside out and deliver exactly what’s needed to make a sale.


Checklists and processes that put you in control

The moment you’ve given your 3D render company the direction you want the project to take, they should start gathering all the materials they need to produce your masterpiece. Ask them to provide a simple checklist of items that allow them to produce everything to your exact specification including:

  • Building plans

  • Fixtures & finishes

  • Landscaping

Whatever you provide them with, their expertise should combine it all just the way you want it.


A customised creative solution to showcase your project

With clear information and direction, a great 3D render company will provide you with a tailor-made solution detailing where and how you can best present your development.

Barking Bird can help clients’ 3D renders reach the level of quality they need to sell their developments, quickly and effectively. We handle the in-betweens for you so you can feel confident and in control without being swamped by technicalities.

Check out some of our recent projects or call us today. We’d love to help.